Classical flavours whose popularity have never faded through the centuries.


Flavour Description
Vanilla World class pure white chocolate infused with juicy plump vanilla beans provides the most bold vanilla flavour ever.
Maple Walnut Silky smooth Italian buttercream combined with Canada’s premium pure maple syrup and roasted walnuts will become one of your irresistible delights.
Caramel Lightly whipped caramel provides a comforting dose of pure indulgence that brings only pleasure to your senses.
Strawberry Fresh Strawberries engaged with the world’s purest white chocolate will bring an intense strawberry flavour to your palate.
Pistachio This specialty with its wonderfully nutty aroma is a true gourmet taste.
Lemon Lemony freshness that will awaken your taste buds and bring forth images of a wonderful summers day.
Coffee A pleasureful sharp taste in the mouth heightened with a full feeling at the back of the palate.
Matcha A famous Japanese flavour, Matcha green tea with it’s buttercream content will take you to the East.
Passion Fruit Chocolate Produces a clean, tangy, juicy and exotic taste coupled with milk chocolate that provides double the pleasure.
Hazelnut praline with Milk Chocolate A blended and balanced hazelnut and chocolate taste. A true unadulterated hit for any chocolate aficionado.
Dark Chocolate Bittersweet yet elegant, this delightful macaron will be loved by those seeking a refined chocolate experience.
Raspberry An Italian buttercream filling made with a syrup derived from real raspberries and topped with a blessing of raspberry jelly.
Royal Earl Grey Flavoured with fragrant Bergamot, this is a top of the tier timeless classic that will endure for centuries to come and appeal to your higher sensibilities.
Mint Filled with a white chocolate ganache, this upcoming celebrity will leave a pleasureful spearmint aftertaste.
White chocolate with Macadamia nuts


Beautiful and elegant floral flavours invite you to a botanical garden.


Flavour Description
Rose Silky smooth Italian buttercream with a drop of enhanced rose water will fill your mouth with a wonderful rose perfume with just one bite.
Lavender Full aromatic French lavender is comforted by white chocolate. This relaxing flavour will deliver a pleasing floral punch.
Violet Providing a distinctively feminine fragrance, these treats will enrapture your senses and provide a clean fresh and decidedly sublime treat.
Jasmine White chocolate infused with midnight jasmine blossoms. This undeniable floral flavour with a creamy ganache is an unforgettable delight.
Orange Blossom A soon to be favourite bringing just the perfect balance of orange and sweetness to delight the senses.
Rose with Lychee (New) An irresistible combination. A delicate floral lychee ganache filling imbued with a drop of enhanced rose water will please your palette.


Something subtle; two or more flavours harmonized together to make one perfect symphony.


Coconut with pineapple

Crème Brûlée

Vanilla Raspberry

Cream cheese with passion fruit

Lemon raspberry

Pistachio raspberry

Rose raspberry

Mint raspberry

Jasmine Grapefruit with Mango



Key Lime (available in summer)
Mango Passion Fruit (available in summer)